Why the vacant Supreme Court seat had to be filled before the election

21 September 2020
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Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court, cements 6-3 conservative majority - Barrett will be Trump's third justice appointed to the Supreme Court, the most for any president since Ronald Reagan, Fox News, October 27, 2020.

A Civics Lesson From Mitch McConnell And Thomas Sowell, by Paul Nachman, VDare, October 30, 2020.


Regarding the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there are several crucial reasons why it's important to fill the Supreme Court vacancy before the 2020 election.

  1. The Democrat party is engineering a contested election where cases will likely be brought before the Supreme Court. A full court of 9 justices will be required to break tie decisions and resolve these cases.
  2. Return of the Court in the long-term to Constitutional originalism instead of legislating from the bench under a Kritarchy.
  3. Democrats say that the nomination must be delayed until after the election so that the people can vote on how the seat should be filled. The fact is that the people have already voted... for Trump.
  4. Democrats have said they will pack the Court. That is, increasing the number of Supreme Court justices to ensure a liberal majority


Watch this 2 minute video contains 2016 clips of Biden, Polisi and other Democrats demanding a 9 justice Supreme court. 

Not long ago, Joe Biden said that "the American people deserve a fully-staffed court of nine." Fill the seat!

Republicans Target Democrats with Their Own Words: ‘The American People Deserve a Fully-Staffed Court of Nine’, Breitbart, September 21, 2020:

“Not long ago, Joe Biden said that ‘the American people deserve a fully-staffed court of nine.’ ...

“The president nominates and then the Senate advises and consents or not, but they go forward with the process,” former Trump challenger Hillary Clinton said in the montage.

It also features House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who said in 2016 that the American people were witnessing “disrespect to the Constitution” and called for a “fair” and “timely” hearing:...

The Constitution is 100 percent clear,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said in the mashup. “The President of the United States has the right to nominate someone to be a justice of the Supreme Court. The Senate’s function is to hold hearings and to vote.”

“You cannot keep a seat on the Supreme Court, which represents all of us. You cannot keep it vacant against the Constitution,” Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said.

At the time, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said the GOP was doing “pretty much everything they can to avoid acknowledging the legitimacy of our democratically elected president.”

“If you want to stop extremism in your party, you could start by showing the American people that you respect the President of the United States and the Constitution,” she added.

Ginsburg In 2016: ‘Nothing In Constitution’ Prevents President From Final Year SCOTUS Pick, Gateway Pundit, September 21, 2020.


This following article offers a solid analysis of filling the Supreme Court vacancy. It's relevant to America and to immigration, since liberal judges and justices routinely decide against immigration law enforcement.

The Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Left Now Will Pay Price for Turning Courts into Political Battlefield - Republicans have no choice but to move ahead with a nomination, hearings, and vote, by Doug Bandow, American Spectator, September 19, 2020

Why Trump is Justified & Right in Choosing a New Supreme Court Judge NOW, by Kelly OConnell, Canada Free Press, September 20, 2020.

Regardless of what Trump and Mitch do, the Democrats will (1) Eliminate the Filibuster, (2) Grant Statehood to D.C. and maybe P.R., (3) Expand the Lower Courts, and (4) Expand the Supreme Court [Updated], by John Blackman, The Volokh Conspiracy, Reason, September 19, 2020:

For some time, there has been a poorly-kept secret in Washington: as soon as the Democrats take power, they will make four power moves. To date, most prudent Democrats have refused to discuss these four moves aloud. But now with Justice Ginsburg's death, the cat is out of the bag. Jeffrey Toobin lays out the roadmap in the New Yorker:

Last Best Chance to Capture Supreme Court, by Patrick J. Buchanan, VDare, September 21, 2020.

Ginsburg in 2016: President’s ‘Power’ to Fill SCOTUS for ‘Four Years, Not Three Years’, Breitbart, September 22, 2020.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Didn’t Understand Her Job, by Kevin D. Williamson, National Review, September 22, 2020:

... Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn’t an associate justice of the Supreme Court — not really: She was a legislator in judicial drag.

You need not take my word on this: Ask her admirers. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a vision for America,” Linda Hirshman argues in the Washington Post. What was her vision? “To make America fairer, to make justice bigger.” That is not a job for a judge — that is a job for a legislator. The job of making law properly belongs to — some people find this part hard to handle — lawmakers. Making law is not the job of the judge. The job of the judge is to see that the law is followed and applied in a given case...


Justice Ginsburg: 'I Am Very Much Alive', NPR, July 24, 2019:

"Nine seems to be a good number. It's been that way for a long time," she said, adding, "I think it was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court."..

"If anything would make the court look partisan," she said, "it would be that — one side saying, 'When we're in power, we're going to enlarge the number of judges, so we would have more people who would vote the way we want them to.' ""

Trump Should Make a Recess Appointment to the Supreme Court, by Don Brown, American Thinker, September 24, 2020.


Supreme Court turns away PA GOP effort to block extended period for turning in ballots, Fox News, October 20, 2020.