School classrooms with Mexican flags

The race-based "diversity mongers" continue to try to chip away at America, demanding an ever-larger piece of the entitlement pie while denigrating all aspects of American culture and heritage. The latest episode occurred during the week of August 17, 2004 at Denver's North High School. The Rocky Mountain News published an "in the gringos faces" article "North High's future starts with trust", by Tina Greigo. In the article was a color photograph of a Mexican flag displayed next to a United States flag (hung incorrectly) in a North High classroom.

Denver North High School The picture generated numerous calls and letters to the Rocky Mountain News and Denver North High School. The issue gained national interest and was covered twice that week on CNN's Lou Dobbs news program. Mike Rosen KOA-AM radio talk show host, took on the issue, saying that it was "inappropriate" to display a foreign flag alongside a United States flag in a public, taxpayer-funded building. "The major issue is that in an American public school, no other country should have its flag displayed with equal prominence with the American flag," Mr. Rosen said. "This is not a Mexican-American school. This is not a colony of Mexico — it's part of Colorado, which is part of the United States."

It appears by their articles, editorials and failure to print balanced letters to the editor that the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Post are more interested in acting as apologists for race-based "diversity", multiculturalism and disuniting of America, than in honest coverage of the concerns of the vast majority of Americans. Greigo wrote a follow-up story slamming Americans who objected to a foreign flag in a United States classroom. John Temple, Editor of the Rocky Mountain News chimed in with an "ugly America" piece. Then Cindy Rodriguez of The Denver Post threw out an article chastising intolerant and "insecure Americans".

Their trial balloon blew up in the diversity mongers' faces. Americans are sick and tired of being forced to participate in the dismantling of their society for fear of being called racist - by race-based interests. And this time, Americans expressed their opinions in no uncertain terms.

"...And that's your real beef, Cindy. That the gringos' complaints about the insulting behavior to OUR flag weren't ignored. And that the laws were enforced and that Mexicans were required to obey them. That you didn't get off with the customary blubbering about 'our culture.'"


"There can be no fifty-fifty Americanism in this country. There is room here for only 100 percent Americanism, only for those who are Americans and nothing else."
- Theodore Roosevelt

Denver Public Schools Superintendent Jerry Wartgow issued the following guidelines to principals and assistant principals:

Displays of the United States flag are governed by federal law. While covering the opening of the school year earlier this week, a local newspaper photograph showed an inadvertent violation of this law in one classroom. The violation was corrected immediately.
"Schools also must comply with federal and state laws that specifically describe and, in some cases, limit the display of foreign flags.
"Only the United States or Colorado flags (or the flags of state subsidiaries) may be displayed permanently in schools. Temporary flag displays that are instructional or historic in nature or student work products used as part of a lesson are permitted.

Indeed, North High's foreign flag display violated Colorado flag display law - and temporary displays of foreign flags still do.