Colorado legislative process

Here is basic information on the Colorado legislative process. The legislative session begins in January and lasts 120 days. During the session, bills will be introduced. In general, deadline requirements require bills to be introduced by the end of January.

After a bill is introduced, it will be heard before committee. At least one of the committee hearings will allow public testimony, where elected public servants' bosses (citizens of Colorado - that's you) can give a three-minute testimony in favor of or in opposition to a bill.

You can also contact cosponsors of bills and find opponents of a bill to express your position on the bill.

More information:

See this diagram on how a bill becomes Colorado law.

Find bills in the Colorado Legislature.

Here is the deadline schedule for the 2014 Colorado General Assembly.

Here are Colorado legislative committees. See information on committee meetings both during legislative session and during the interim. 

Here is how to contact Colorado state legislators in your district / city / county.

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