‘American Marxism’ Is Mark Levin’s Most Important Book Ever

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Brent Bozell III
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3 August 2021
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National News
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... The American people are thinking: ‘What the hell is going on here?!’”

... Tens of millions at home and hundreds of millions outside our borders (such as they are) have that very question of the United States of America.

For those seriously interested in that question, Mark Levin has provided the answer with his new book, American Marxism....

The unthinkable is happening. America is not just threatened by Marxism, America is quickly becoming Marxist, and Americans have been astonished by what Levin calls “the unremitting, harmonized and ferocious blitz” of this revolution. The political hurricane has hit so hard and so rapidly that we have time to focus only on the flooded streets and damaged levies while we await the next storm surge. We are so stupefied we seemingly cannot even label our opponents correctly. “Liberals” overnight became “progressives” who morphed into “leftists” who we renamed “radicals,” then “socialists”…

… and yet clearly that is now insufficient....

Know thy enemy. It is the singular message of American Marxism. It’s a masterful history lesson that exposes today’s radicals as true Marxists — in every sense of the word...

The argument is linear, originating with Jean-Jacques Rousseau, George Wilhelm Hegel, and the most consequential of them all, Karl Marx. The 2oth century saw the continuation of the intellectual revolution, with the likes of professors Frances Fox Piven and Richard Clowland taking to the pages of the far-left Nation magazine to argue for civil disruption; avowed Marxist Herbert Marcuse taking to the lecterns at Columbia, Harvard, and Brandeis to argue that “economic freedom would mean freedom from economics [and] political freedom would mean liberation of the individuals from politics over which they have no effective control”...

American Marxism is a devastating new book and arguably Levin’s most important work, whose most powerful statement comes not in the conclusion but as the header for its very first chapter: “It’s Here.”



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Mark Levin’s American Marxism provides a thorough education in the intellectual foundations of the American left, and how it emerged from the dim fringes of academia to become the driving ideology of President Joe Biden’s administration.

One of the most important things Levin does at the outset is invert the left’s concept of history. Levin starts his book with the sentence: “The counterrevolution to the American Revolution is in full force.” Marxism is that “counterrevolution.”

That is the opposite of how Marxism portrays itself. The Marxist concept of history is that it moves forward, toward the utopian future...

American Marxism walks through various left-wing social movements and shows how each of them — Critical Race Theory; the movement for “amnesty” for illegal aliens; the push by environmentalists for “degrowth” — all have their roots in classical Marxism....

Levin spends an entire chapter on solutions, encouraging the ongoing effort to rid schools of CRT, by law if necessary. He aims to use his book to rouse Americans to action....

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