100K Migrant 'Got-Aways' Since October, Says CBP Source

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Randy Clark
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Article date: 
8 December 2021
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National News
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Border Patrol agents estimate more than 100,000 known migrant [illegal alien] got-aways since the fiscal year began in October. A source operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, speaking on the condition of anonymity, says the agency recorded 47,500 got-a-ways during the month of October. That is followed by an additional 52,000 got-aways in November. The source believes the increase in November means more than 600,000 migrant got-aways will be recorded this fiscal year if the trend continues.
The source says the constant flow of migrants being apprehended along the southern border impedes the agency’s ability to adequately patrol miles of the border. The absence of routine patrols is driving the got-away numbers up as there are no available Border Patrol agents to respond to electronic sensors, camera activations, and unmanned aerial surveillance sightings. On average, more than 1,700 migrants avoided apprehension by the Border Patrol each day in November....
Apprehension of migrants by Border Patrol agents across the U.S. remained at record levels in November, according to a CBP document reviewed by Breitbart Texas. The unofficially reported apprehension of more than 160,000 migrants in November represents an increase of more than 140 percent over the same month in 2020.
100,000 "got away" illegal aliens escaped capture at our border during approximately two months. That's over half a million per year.
Of course, many more illegal aliens avoided detection at our border and were not counted by the deliberately inadequately staffed Border Patrol. Perhaps 3 to 4 times the "got away" number avoided detection. Thus, over a million illegal aliens a year are likely allowed to sneak into our country. For a more robust analysis of these numbers, see: