19K Migrants Apprehended on Southwest Border in 2022

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Randy Clark
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Article date: 
11 January 2022
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National News
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A trusted source within Customs and Border Protection tells Breitbart Texas the migrant surge in Eagle Pass is continuing into the new year with 4,000 arrests in the Del Rio Sector. During the first eight days of the new year, agents along the entire southwest border apprehended more than 19,000 migrants.

The source says daily apprehensions are on still the rise as large groups in excess of 100 migrants are crossing the Rio Grande into Texas on a daily basis. The source provided a photo of the latest group of more than 100 mostly Venezuelans crossing the border south of the city....


So if more than 19,000 illegal aliens were apprehended in only a few weeks, how many more got away? How many more evaded capture and are now living in America? Border Patrol agents routinely say that the ratio is about 3 or 4 to 1. That is, for every single illegal alien captured, 3 to 4 others sneak into America. Thus, it is fairly easy to project How many illegal aliens reside in the United States.

A ‘Gun at Every Door’: Border Rancher Sees 2,400 Percent Increase In Illegal Aliens on Property - Arizona rancher says Border Patrol only catches around 30 percent—on a good day, Epoch Times, 13 January 2022:
... Ladd’s ranch shares 10.5 miles of border with Mexico and in mid-2019 had an average of 12 illegal aliens traversing his land daily, with Border Patrol catching about half.
Now, he says, it’s about 300 a day and Border Patrol catches about 30 percent on a good day. The numbers started escalating the same time the 2020 presidential election swung Joe Biden’s way....