20 Reminders of Disgusting Things Done Through Pandemic Panic Theater

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Discern Report
Article date: 
1 August 2023
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National News
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... Remember when they cancelled millions of cancer screening appointments, leading to a significant increase in avoidable cancer deaths, while they performed ridiculous dance routines instead?...

#2 Remember when the CCP ???? released CCTV recordings showing people collapsing on the street like sacks of rice, catching themselves with their hands just before impact, and then shaking spasmodically? They said it was one of the Covid symptoms and nobody ever questioned it. pic.twitter.com/y8K9ioWiXs - Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) July 31, 2023...

#4. Remember when they separated cashiers and customers with large Plexiglass screens, yet the cashier touched all the products the customer then took home? pic.twitter.com/9VROchmlum - Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) July 31, 2023

#6. Remember when the flu totally disappeared in 2021, and they said it was simply because Covid was more transmissive? There's nothing simple about eradicating influenza from 100+ countries in just 28 days. pic.twitter.com/5owVHfw7dd - Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) July 31, 2023

#8. Remember when you were considered a social menace if you walked in the opposite direction of the arrows in supermarkets? I still haven't completely understood the logic behind it, and I wonder how many lives have been spared by this measure. pic.twitter.com/dzUscFVLXx - Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) July 31, 2023

#10. Remember when they said that masks were reducing transmission, but neighboring states (e.g., North Dakota with lockdowns and a mask mandate, South Dakota as a free society) with and without mask mandates showed similar amounts of 'cases'? pic.twitter.com/VDlPNIRcpj - Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) July 31, 2023

#12. Remember when 'public health experts' such as @DrLeanaWen asserted that the vaccines worked, yet claimed that the unvaccinated still posed a threat to the vaccinated? pic.twitter.com/4edDoRgETd - Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) July 31, 2023...

#18. Remember when the mainstream media blamed the unvaccinated for the deaths of vaccinated people, asserting it was because they were not vaccinated themselves? If a treatment does not work, it is simply illogical to blame those who rejected the treatment for its failure. pic.twitter.com/nGdW3Sc0ZI - Dr. Simon Goddek (@goddeketal) July 31, 2023...