Abolishing Birthright Citizenship Will Defend America From The Biden Rush

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Build the internal wall
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8 August 2021
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National News
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Unofficial reports say the Border Patrol detained a record  210,000 illegal aliens coming via Mexico in July. Another estimated 37,000 evaded detention. The total for the fiscal year is now well past 1 million. Whether or not the Democrats ultimately succeed in getting Amnesty for these illegals, many will give birth to “Anchor Babies” who, under current legal interpretations, will be U.S. citizens and give the illegal-alien parents a foothold to stay. That raises the crucial matter of Birthright Citizenship. Donald Trump promised to end it but did nothing.

Now it is the target of legislation introduced in January by Rep, Brian Babin (R.-TX) Ending Birthright Citizenship would effectively build an internal wall, protecting the integrity of the American electorate. The GOP/GAP must make it a central plank in its 2022 and 2024 campaigns...

Given that agents have arrested well more than 1 million illegals since October 1, the beginning of fiscal 2021, the Anchor Baby problem will prove catastrophic if nothing is done....

Of course, illegal aliens who jump the border aren’t the only source of Anchor Babies. Foreigners deliberately travel here on Tourist Visas to give birth to “American citizens,” and Biden plans to make it easier for them to scam our system....

As Trump understood in 2016, ending Birthright Citizenship is essential to making America great again. We won’t have a country if “tourists” and illegal aliens can simply birth “citizens” because they had the gumption to make it here and into a hospital. Anchor Babies aren’t real Americans, no matter what the law says.* Ditching the policy would solve one of our biggest immigration problems....

The Biden Rush could result in millions of Anchor Baby Democrats in this decade. It’s time to build that internal wall to protect the Historic American Nation.