The Absolution Ticket

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12 August 2020
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National News
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ZMan has a blog that sometimes contains interesting articles, although nobody knows who he is.

Here are two timely articles on the election, with a few excerpts. The first addresses Biden and Harris. The second focuses on Trump's campaign.

The Absolution Ticket, August 12, 2020:

"The curious thing about the Biden choice is it does not fit the popular theories for running mate selection. The most popular reason for selecting a running mate is they help in their home state. We know the old Rust Belt states will be where the election is decided, so picking a brown senator from California does not help there. Harris also has a strong hate-whitey vibe to her, which tends not to go over well with the white working-class types in these states.

Then there is the fact that Harris as the charm of a DMV clerk. In fact, she reminds people of every trip to get their license renewed. She is sour and unpleasant, even when she is professional and efficient. There is a reason she could not draw flies during the primaries....

Al Gore was a good partner for Clinton, because of his squeaky-clean image. George Bush made sense for Reagan, as Bush represented the traitor wing of the GOP. In this case, Harris has no constituency and she highlights the many flaws of Joe Biden. The only people who liked her were the executives at Google, who were already onboard.

That is the most popular theory at this stage. Biden is not all there, so it is assumed the selection of Harris was as much of a surprise to him as the rest of us. Instead the decision was made by his handlers and it was decided he needed more support from the tech oligarchs....

There’s also the theory that Harris is fully compromised, so she will be easy to manipulate by those dark forces everyone is sure exist. Her long career under Willie Brown, literally and figuratively, means she has a lot of skeletons. After the election, someone will put a pillow over Biden’s face and Harris will be installed as Google’s handpicked president...

Biden picked the black looking woman who was willing to give him absolution for his white privilege..."

Selling Trump, August 11, 2020:

President Trump may be facing one of the most unusual re-election campaigns in the history of the country. Unlike most incumbents, his own party will be working hard to elect his opponent. The fact is, America is a one-party country. The two parties are just the two faces of the same crowd. Both faces hate Trump. The voters for his party, on the other hand, largely get this. Despite their best efforts, the Republican party is the home of populist white people.

The other problem for Trump is he can’t actually campaign. Both parties have conspired to lock most of the country down to the point where it is impossible to hold rallies, meet and greet voters and whip up support in person. The uniparty candidate is a drooling vegetable locked in his basement, so the uniparty is fine with it....

The thing is, a crisis is good for the incumbent if he can be seen as the source of stability and safety. If from now until election day Trump is doing weekly half hour updates on the Covid issues, the economy and other issues that turn up, he can establish himself as the rock of stability. It would also force the media and Dementia Joe to respond to what Trump is saying and doing. It would both reassure his supporters and potential supporters, plus drive his opponents insane....

Trump needs to run against Washington in the same way Truman did in 1948. He has nothing to lose by irritating the Republicans. They already hate him....

Finally, people vote for something, not against something. Trump needs to offer a positive agenda for his second term. Nationalist trade policies, responsible immigration policies, pro-American foreign policy. With Trump you get peace, stability and the opportunity to make a better life for your children and grandchildren. Contrasted to the vision of unrestrained hatred and anger on offer by the Left, a vote for Trump is a vote for tomorrow, while a vote for Biden is a vote for yesterday.


Kamala Harris, Mail-In Voting, and the Boomerang, by Chuck de Caro, August 12, 2020:

... In New York’s 12th Congressional District primary, for example, mail-in voting has created a disaster that could only be topped by the cooperative brainstorming of Rube Goldberg and the Marquis de Sade on acid. After two months, New Yorkers still have no clear winner, and court cases are flying....

What if mail-in voting created such obfuscation of reality that the popular vote could not be translated into the requisite minimum of 270 electoral votes needed for either candidate to win?

Under the Constitution’s 12th Amendment, the election of the president would be thrown to an immediate ballot vote in the House of Representatives. The vice president would be elected by ballot in the Senate.

Does anyone doubt that Nancy Pelosi’s House would elect Joe Biden?

The Senate surely would elect the Republican incumbent vice president, Mike Pence.

But wait! There’s more!...

So the sequence goes like this: mail-in voting causes a tie in the Electoral College, Joe Biden resigns his candidacy, the Democratic National Committee substitutes Harris, and the former first bimbo of San Francisco becomes president of the United States.

Not so fast. There is always a Republican trump card: At the last moment, Donald Trump removes himself as a candidate for president and Mike Pence takes over as the nominee. He and the Republican National Committee then appoint Donald Trump as his vice-presidential running mate.

And then, the Senate confirms Donald Trump as vice president....