Add Kansas to the Growing List of States Banning Sanctuary Cities

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Daily Signal
Article date: 
1 April 2022
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National News
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Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly signed a bill on Monday prohibiting cities and counties from enacting “sanctuary” policies or ordinances for illegal aliens. Considering the deadly and destructive outcomes we constantly see in sanctuary cities, now is the time for other states to join Kansas. And the fact that Kansas isn’t a border state shows how deeply the border crisis is affecting the entire United States.

As of this week, no municipality in Kansas may restrict its police from cooperating with federal law enforcement or exchanging information about someone’s citizenship or immigration status...

One report looking at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement records found that in one 8-month period, over 60% of aliens released in sanctuary jurisdictions had “serious prior criminal records,” including assault, drug trafficking, and sexual abuse of children, among other violent felonies and public safety threats....

Over a dozen states have passed some sort of legislation banning or seriously dissuading sanctuary policies. In 2017, a bill similar to the one Kansas just passed was signed into law in Texas. Even states as far north as Montana have banned sanctuary cities, with public officials and supporters of the bill citing concerns about criminal activity and illegal aliens being relocated to the state.

States are realizing the negative impacts of... Joe Biden’s weak border policies and wisely taking matters into their own hands....