By end of first term, 20% of all Americans will be here illegally

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It's time for a showdown: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick
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The Great Replacement is underway
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General Dispatch
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11 April 2022
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National News
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We start with at least 30 million illegals here before Biden. Then his math gets into details – since we catch 1 out of 3 – 7 million are coming in per year. Biden is letting in 30 million in his first term. That means we will have 60 million here in 3 more years.

It's time for a showdown: Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: "By end of first term, 20% of all Americans will be here illegally. In his [Biden's] first term, will have more people come in illegally than we have in the entire state of Texas."

Partial transcript:

I hope here's a number I can give all of you that will be repeated over and over and over again as a headline. And that is we are facing a situation on the border by the end of the first term of Joe Biden nearly 20% of all Americans will be here illegally.  

Where do I get that number? These are numbers we created in Texas but MIT did a study before Biden became president that we had 30 million people illegally here in Texas. We've been apprehended 400,000 a year for the last 20 years. We get one out of three. 

Over twenty years, that's 24 million people at a minimum. In this first term of Biden, last year we apprehended over 2 million. If we get one out of three, that's six that came in. We're projecting 2 and-a-half million this year. That means 7 and-a-half million will come in if we apprehend one out of three. In Joe Biden's first term - in his first term - we will have more people come into America illegally than we have in the entire state of Texas. There are 29 million people in Texas. Joe Biden is going to let in about 30 million people in his first term based on who we apprehend: one out of three. You add the 30 million in four years to the other 30 million, that's 60 million people here illegally in the united states. That's 20% of the population. 

The democrats and the left warrant to take over the country. You can take over the country when you allow in a four year period under Joe Biden 30 million people in here, more people than live in Texas, in four years because the next thing, they'll want to give them a green card because they can't work without a social security number. The next thing, they'll want to give them citizenship and of course the right to vote and then you've lost your country. 

Wake up, America. 

... it's time that we have a showdown.... What happens when you have a federal government that does not enforce the law? Our founders never envisioned when they said the federal government protected our borders, they never envisioned a president who would allow our country to be invaded. So Texas has to stand up as does Arizona, as does New Mexico, as does California, as does every state in the country....

Otherwise, you lose your country to the left.

20% of America by the end of the Biden term will be here here legally with the past and the present. We can not allow our country to be taken over by people who don't share our values, don't share out principles, and don't know our history and really aren't loyal to our flag. 
They're just coming here to the goodies that Biden is giving out. I understand people want to make their lives better. We can not take in the whole world here. 


How many illegal aliens live in America?

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The "Biden administration" apparently intends to lift the Title 42 restriction on illegal immigration that was imposed by the Trump administration. This move is deeply unpopular, but the radicals who run the administration don’t care. They know they are going to lose control of Congress in November and most likely will lose the presidency in 2024. So they are determined to bring about as much irreversible change as possible, as soon as they can.

Facilitating illegal immigration is at the top of the Left’s priorities because liberals want to remake America demographically. They think that minority voters belong to them, more or less automatically. And the more "diverse" America becomes, the more effective the Democrats’ strategy of fomenting hatred among racial, ethnic and religious groups will be.

How can normal Americans respond to the Democrats’ assault on our sovereignty? I have a good friend and email correspondent who for years has been arguing that illegals should be housed where liberals live. That, more than anything, might bring the Democrats’ scheme to a screeching halt....

Republican politicians are starting to catch on. Ron DeSantis got the ball rolling by requesting an appropriation to bus illegals who have been sneaked unlawfully into Florida by the Biden administration to Delaware. Now Texas Governor Greg Abbott has gotten into the act. He announced a plan to bus illegals who have made their way into Texas because of Biden’s intentionally lax border enforcement to Washington, D.C. ...

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