Alien Tidal Wave Now Assured

Article author: 
Nelson Hultberg
Article publisher: 
Canada Free Press
Article date: 
24 November 2014
Article category: 
Our American Future
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...Pity our children. They must live in the desolate country we are creating for them...

The highest of our leaders, our President, has just come in front of us to set in motion a leprosy of executive actions that must tear down our safety, stability, and legitimacy as a culture. He has inserted a Trojan Horse of deception and perfidy into our society that puts him on the path of history�s mega-tyrants. Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, and Robespierre may have been far more ruthless and blatant, but the lawless policies of Barack Obama are huge steps toward dictatorship, and will prove to be, in the long run, lethal to the decency and freedom that a just society is built upon. We are being assailed with the tyranny of the velvet glove rather than the iron fist; and those who man the media desks and the schools of America cannot grasp the subtle hideousness of it.

Liberals are overjoyed with Obama�s egregious reach for power. �Way overdue,�... Charles Krauthammer exemplifies the pusillanimity of the right. He informed Fox News that he would go along with bringing the entire 11 million to 40 million] illegals into citizenship. But we are a nation of laws, and we must do this the right way (via action by Congress), not the way Obama is doing it...

There are four solutions to the catastrophic immigration dilemma confronting us today. They will require an intellectual toughness that is clear-eyed and steadfast. They are:

  • Enact E-Verify into law so employers know who is legal and who is not.
  • Disallow welfare services and schooling to all illegals.
  • Make English the official public language used in our courts and schools.
  • Eliminate the anchor baby loophole with Constitutional clarification.

The above policies, if enacted, would eliminate the magnets that have brought us to today�s illegal immigrant crisis. They would solve the problem genuinely for the long run, not just palliate it and kick the can down the road. But the above policies will never even be considered, much less enacted, if conservative intellectuals and legislators do not talk openly and courageously about them to all media outlets. This means with outrage, not with mealy-mouthed acquiescence...

Appeasement never ends a problem; it always magnifies it... larger and larger waves will then follow in the ensuing decades until California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas have been thoroughly 'Mexicanized.'...

It's called Reconquista (reconquest). The powerful National Council of LaRaza [The Race] (supported by Mexican Presidents, Ernesto Zedillo, Vicente Fox, Felipe Calderon, and now Pena Nieta) boldly asserts that the real Mexico extends into these states of America which Mexicans say were stolen from them in the 19th century...

If we don’t stop this Marxist tyrant in the White House, we will not have a country worthy of passing on to our children. Impeachment is what is called for. Of crucial importance are patriot visionaries to honorably lead, not neoconservative hacks to cravenly accommodate.

From the beginning, it was obvious Barack Obama was a dangerous man, as all Marxists are. This is because they do not share our concept of freedom. They believe that freedom is not the “absence of coercion in life,” but the “absence of difficulties in life.” And they mean to bring it about with massive government centralization. They hate the America of the Founding Fathers; they seek a Brave New World where equality of results rather than equality of rights prevails. They believe a government dominated society is not tyranny; it’s a “new kind of freedom,” as Marx declared.

Barack Obama wishes to destroy America. Nudging us into a more egalitarian system will not satiate his narcissism and perversity. What is needed to make this hubristic charlatan’s life meaningful is to raze the American system while he is in power. Or at least create chaos and confusion on such a scale that it brings massive centralization...

Will conservatives rise to the challenge with a muscular and rational confrontation?... We are confronting stark evil, not innocent error.