America’s China Class Launches a New War Against Trump

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The corporate, tech, and media elites will not allow the president to come between them and Chinese money
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Lee Smith
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18 September 2020
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Our American Future
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... Trump stories are rarely about Trump. The same stories, or versions of them, would have targeted anyone who threatened to sever the American political, corporate, and cultural elite’s economic lifeline to the Chinese Communist Party....

The press that existed in America from the end of the 19th century until the turn of this one was designed to inform, influence, and sometimes inspire or inflame fellow citizens. But for people under 30, the only kind of “journalism” they’ve ever known is more like Pravda in the old Soviet Union or the kinds of party media found throughout the Third World. ...

... when Jeff Bezos bought the Post and Woodward brands in 2013... Bezos acquired them for the same reason the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs picked up the Atlantic—to defend the industry, tech, and political arrangements with China’s manufacturing base that drive their profits from “political interference.”...

Four years ago, few normal Americans imagined that their political class was capable of manufacturing a conspiracy theory out of whole cloth and laundering it through the nation’s spy agencies and the press in the hope of overturning the result of a democratic election....

The central pillar of the corrupt new order is the American elite’s relationship with China....

By threatening to split the United States from China, Trump earned the enmity of America’s China Class, which is working hard to remove him from office, and replace him with someone more pliant....

The American elite’s financial relationship with China is the key to understanding what’s been happening in America the past four years. Any president, Democrat or Republican, who took on China would have been targeted by the China Class. Because it was Trump flying the Republican banner who sided with America’s working men and women, the Democrats resorted to alliances with powers that now threaten the stability and security of the country.

Lee Smith is the author of the newly-published book The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President.


The Complex and International Fight for America’s Future, by Gary Bernsten, American Greatness, September 12, 2020:

... Venezuela, once a significant oil-producing state, has been looted of $1.3 trillion by corrupt officials with their front men in league with the Cuban Communists. Together they have created one of the largest transnational criminal networks in history. Employing their wealth, they have penetrated business, banking, and political interests across the United States. American businessmen and political figures of both parties are in league with these transnational criminals. 

... Their top priority is to defeat President Trump, and continue causing chaos and disruption of the American political process. They recognize that their survival depends on Trump’s defeat.