America’s First Revolution Is Happening Now

Article author: 
Paul Craig Roberts
Article publisher: 
Unz Review
Article date: 
23 January 2021
Article category: 
Our American Future
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There is a difference between a rebellion and a revolution. A rebellion is what occurred in the thirteen colonies in the late 18th century. A revolution is what occurred in Russia in 1917.
A rebellion occurred in the colonies, because the subjects of the king in the colonies were treated differently constitutionally and in law from subjects of the king in England....
The rebellion resulted in political independence but not in a change in the belief system....
The United States is the Constitution. If the Constitution is set aside and not followed, the United States is a different entity....
The essence of a revolution is a collapse in the system of beliefs that hold a country together....
A revolution is what occurred in Russia in February, 1917. Most people think that the Czar was overthrown by Lenin and the Bolsheviks, but this is not the case. The Czar was overthrown by the collapse in the belief system that defined Czarist Russia.... You can get the complete story if you can find a copy of Russia 1917, The February Revolution by George Katkov....
It is this destruction of belief that constitutes the First American Revolution. The consequences are yet to be fully felt.