America First Patriot Nick Fuentes Put On No-Fly List

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This is overt political persecution. America is not a free country.
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28 April 2021
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National News
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Updated May 1, 2021

America First host Nick Fuentes can no longer fly on an airplane. He announced Tuesday that he couldn’t check into his flight because the authorities didn’t clear him to fly.

So I’m on my way to a press conference to discuss how I’ve been banned from nearly all social media and tech services, and then I find out that I can’t even get there because I’ve been put on a no-fly list. This is overt political persecution. America is not a free country.

- Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) April 27, 2021

... Fuentes believes he was put on the no-fly list due to hysteria over the Capitol protests. He has suffered numerous bans since January 6....

This is just the latest injustice committed by the Biden regime against the American people. There’s a new standard set: if your speech offends the powers that be, they can ban you from flying. No charges or trial required. This new power can be used against a whole plethora of conservatives and right-wingers....


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From ‘Insurrectionists’ to ‘Interruptionists’ - More than 100 days after the January 6 melee at the Capitol, promises of high-powered sedition charges have yet to materialize, by Julie Kelly, American Greatness, April 19, 2021:

Prosecutors, however, are loading up repetitive charges to build impressive-looking cases against nonviolent protesters.

For example, more than 200 people have been charged with both “parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol Building” and “disruptive” conduct in either the Capitol or in a restricted building. Another common charge is “entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds.” All three are misdemeanors punishable by a fine or up to six months in jail....

Yet more than 100 days later, most defendants are accused of acting as “interruptionists”—Americans who may have acted recklessly but no more criminally, for the most part, than violent protests against Trump’s first inauguration in 2017 or Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate confirmation in 2018....

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In the wake of the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, there have been anecdotal accounts circulating about people who were either in attendance at the riot that day or simply at the previous Trump rally being placed on "no fly lists" and being unable to move about freely. Tucker Carlson reported on this latest curtailment of liberties on Tuesday night:


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