American Border: 10,000 Apprehensions in 48 Hours

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Gee, that's just apprehensions. How many escaped capture?
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Geller Report
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9 April 2023
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National News
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What was once known as the Southern border of the United States is essentially nonexistent in this time of Biden regime misrule, and so it was no surprise Wednesday when Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz tweeted some figures showing just how bad the border area has become:

    Past 48 Hours…
    – 10,070 Apprehensions
    – 52 lbs. of Fentanyl
    – 38 lbs. of Ecstasy
    – 11 lbs. of Meth
    – 11 lbs. of Cocaine
    – $48,000 Seized
    – 20 Firearms
    – 5 Stolen Vehicles Recovered
    – 5 Sex Offenders
    – 4 Warrants
    – 1 Gang Member

    Significant numbers for just 2 days!

    — Chief Raul Ortiz (@USBPChief) April 5, 2023


Indeed, and it was just business as usual for the border, although Ortiz didn’t mention the terrorists. It came to light last October that up to that point in 2022, the Border Patrol had caught at least 98 people at the border who are on terror watchlists...


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