America's White Majority Is Aging Out

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Steve Sailer
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5 August 2023
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National News
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From The Hill:

America’s white majority is aging out

BY DANIEL DE VISÉ – 08/07/23 6:00 AM ET

Generation Z will be the last generation of Americans with a white majority, according to census data. The nation’s so-called majority minority arrived with Generation Alpha, those born since about 2010.

Barely two decades from now, around 2045, non-Hispanic white people will fall below half as a share of the overall U.S. population...

By 2050, non-Hispanic white people will represent less than 40 percent of the under-18 population...

Well, what are the incentives these days? Perhaps if the Supreme Court outlaws all affirmative action, the incentives will change.

But right now we see the Biden Administration planning to lop off a chunk of the white population into a new Middle Eastern and North African race because activists think it will help them get affirmative action benefits...

In reality, of course, the last 55 years have been completely different with a general Flight from White. Whereas the 1950 and 1960 Census didn’t have a separate Hispanic category because Hispanics wanted to be considered white, by 1970, a new category called ethnicity was invented so Hispanics could have their affirmative action and their whiteness too...

An obviously interesting question, but not one any academic would look into, is whether immigration reduces native-born fertility due to less affordable family formation.


Another White-Minority Story (Yawn!) The Point Is That U.S. Ruling Class WANTS THIS TO HAPPEN, by Peter Brimelow, VDare, 8 August 2023:

It drives me mad (MAD!!!) that there’s suddenly dismay about The Hill’s recent story  America’s white majority is aging out   [By Daniel Devise, August 8, 2023]I SPECIFICALLY POINTED OUT this inexorable trend (absent patriotic immigration reform) in my 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America's Immigration Disaster.

This what I wrote on p. 64 in 1995:

The U.S. government officially projects an ethnic revolution in America. Specifically, it expects that American whites will be on the point (53 percent) of becoming a minority by 2050. ...

I won't be here, of course. And (I'm sorry to say) neither will most of you reading of this page. Still, we probably stand a chance of making it to 2020. In that year, the Census Bureau projects that just less than 64 percent of Americans will be white. And among children under fifteen, whites will be on the point of becoming a minority.

And this is the famous—at least among scandalized reviewers—Pincer Chart of demographic change:

The Pincers

... my message now: there’s still a lot that the Historic American Nation can do to save itself. It’s just a matter of will...

    Americans could enact an Immigration Moratorium

This was effectively done in 1924. And it could have been done again after 2016, when the GOP/GAP controlled the Executive and Legislative Branches.

That it wasn’t done is another story. But the Treason Lobby is obviously still terrified about the possibility, which is why the Biden Regime has (flagrantly impeachably) opened the southern border...