Another Government Fiasco: 2020 Census Rigged?

Article author: 
Eric Thompson
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Trending Politics
Article date: 
4 June 2022
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National News
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Once again Americans have to determine why another governmental agency, this time the Census Bureau, could make significant errors that disproportionality benefit democratic majority states.

Unlike more temporal activities conducted by governmental agencies, the Census is only completed once every 10 years, and as you will find out, once the numbers are reported, and published they can’t be changed until the new count in 2030, even if updated accurate numbers are available and could be used today.

The Census Bureau published a study assessing their accuracy in the 2020 count.

They showed that Republican-leaning states were under-counted by statistically significant margins, while Democrat-leaning states were over-counted by statistically significant margins....

“Texas was under-counted by about 570,000 people while New York was over-counted by 695,000,” The Wall Street Journal noted, highlighting that “the inaccuracies may have cost Florida and Texas an additional House seat and given Rhode Island and Minnesota one they shouldn’t have received.”...