Anti-Trump violence may backfire

Article author: 
Mike Rosen
Article publisher: 
Denver Post
Article date: 
19 June 2016
Article category: 
National News
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The angry, often violent, organized protests that have accompanied Donald Trump’s rallies in states holding Republican primaries are a preview of the kind of behavior likely in store for us at both the Republican and Democratic conventions in July.
This is a consequence, for good and bad, of democracy and the constitutional protections for freedom of speech and assembly in our republic.  But those protections aren’t absolute.  They apply only up to a point.  Mobocracy goes beyond that point.  Freedom of speech doesn’t include incitement to riot; peaceful assembly is guaranteed, but unlawful assembly isn’t.  None of the individual protections guaranteed in the Bill of Rights entitles anyone to trample on the rights of others...
What was the logic of the recent anti-Trump riot in San Jose where Latinos proudly waving Mexican flags and setting fire to American flags physically assaulted peaceful Trump supporters attending a rally?  The answer is there was no logic.  It was mindless or contrived rage.  Yes, I understand that illegal immigrants, mostly Mexicans, and their defenders oppose Trump’s pledge to build a border wall and deport those who entered our country illegally.  But there’s no place for brown-shirt tactics.
Millions of Mexicans have abandoned their country in search of a better life in the United States, replete with economic opportunities and generous government benefits like free public education and medical care for those unable to pay for it.  Mexico, whatever its virtues, is notorious for its political corruption...
Donald Trump is clearly mining a political vein, appealing to an unexpected number of Americans who say they “want their country back,” whatever that means to some.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if an eruption of unruly and violent anti-Trump protests backfire to get him elected president?