Army and Air Force allow Muslims to wear Islamic supremacist beards and head coverings while in uniform

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Army and Air Force bow to designated terrorist group CAIR's demands
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Another instance of creeping Sharia in America
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Bare Naked Islam
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13 February 2020
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National News
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The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today celebrated the submissive  U.S. Air Force’s new guidelines allowing personnel to request a waiver to wear religious apparel, including turbans and hijabs (Islamic headbags for women), and to grow beards for religious reasons.  
Air Force Times: Those requesting waivers must submit a request for these religious accommodations, and those requests can only be denied if the policy “furthers a compelling government interest” and is the least restrictive way of furthering that interest....
In 2017, the Army became the first service to allow Muslim soldiers to wear head coverings and beards....
In India, the apex court recently banned a Muslim soldier from having a beard saying that wearing a beard was not inherent to Islam.
The Indian Air Force had told the court: ‘All Muslims do not wear beards. The practice of growing a beard is optional and sporting a beard is not universally recognised in the religion of Islam.’ ‘Therefore, it cannot be said that Muslim religion prohibits the cutting of hair or shaving of the face of its member.’


Trump administration approves Hamas-linked CAIR to train US Customs and Border Patrol officers, Jihad Watch, November 19, 2019. CAIR is the U.S. branch of HAMAS (a designated group on the Foreign Terrorist Organizations list), itself the Palestinian branch of the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood.