Australia: Creeping Sharia: Adelaide butcher’s “Non-Halal Certified” sign found to breach discrimination rules

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Bare Naked Islam
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16 September 2019
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National News
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Smart Company Adelaide-based Valley Butchers found itself in hot water with the Advertising Standards Board in an August ruling published recently. The majority of the board ruled in favour of a complaint who alleged a sticker in the butcher’s window, alongside a picture of an emu and kangaroos reading “non-Halal certified”, was offensive....

The business argued it put up the sign to inform customers it wasn’t Halal approved, a question it said is frequently asked...

This Australian cow was fully conscious as its throat was slit...

Muslims love to see animals suffer, especially the big animals like camels, which can take 20 minutes or more to bleed out after having their necks cut while fully conscious during halal slaughter...

[See original article for gruesome photos of halal slaughter.]


The horror of halal.

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