The Bafflegab of the West’s ‘Dhimmi Wits’

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As nationalists, we have to fight, and fight, and fight again, to save the country we love.
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Peter Smith
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26 November 2018
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Our American Future
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The West is almost completely saturated with “Dhimmi Wits.” This term is self-explanatory, I think. Unfortunately, I can’t claim authorship. I need to confess to flagrantly purloining it from the brilliant Religion of Peace website. It is too good and apt to be confined. Incidentally, do visit the site....

Terror comes out of Islamism, but Islamism is a product of Islam. Islam has 1.8 billion Muslim adherents and rising. Penetrate that if you can. Sure, you can cut one head off but given time it will grow again and, in the meantime, there are plenty more. Hydra doesn’t do it justice and, when I look around, I can’t see Hercules in the wings.
Consider all the hype that surrounded ISIS, as though it defined the problem.... Never mind the fourteen uninterrupted centuries of Islamic conquests, incursions and terrorism that went before. But you must see the trick....
There is only one bulwark against Islam and its offshoots, Islamism and terrorism, and that is the nation state. In the distant past Christianity played a part. But the Crusaders are long dead and the churches and their leaders are impotent and besotted with the Dhimmi-Wit pursuit of interfaith dialogue. What amusement that must cause the imams.

... Well, nationalism is the last stand against Islam. There is nothing left. Islam thrives on crossing borders. It always has. By open conquest or now, predominantly, by Hijrah (insidious conquest via immigration). Transnationalism, globalism, open borders, idiots waving “refugees are welcome” signs; these are all invitations to come and subjugate us.

But nationalism means more than having secure borders – deciding who will come in and, critically, who will be kept out. It defines who we are, our culture, our institutions, how we deal with each other....

Imagine how awful it would be for our granddaughters if the religious rules which govern the lives of those in Islamic states were enforced on them. To paraphrase Hugh Gaitskell, British Labour Party leader in 1960: As nationalists, we have to fight, and fight, and fight again, to save the country we love.