Biden Regime’s Great Replacement Acceleration Act

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John Derbyshire
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Article date: 
20 February 2021
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National News
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Thursday this week the Biden administration brought forth a bill on immigration....

... one of the first things these more knowledgeable commentators all said, that the bill stands no chance of becoming law.
Why is that? Well, here you have a conflict of strategies.
The Holy Grail for Open Borders lobbyists—which is to say, all of the well-funded business and ethnic lobbies—has always been "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." That's understood to mean a bait-and-switch model, a retread of Ronald Reagan's 1986 law giving both sides what they want: mass Amnesty to please the lobbies, firm controls on employment and border security as boob-bait for the Bubbas. Once the law's enacted, the Amnesty rolls ahead but the firm controls melt away quietly under judicial action and Executive Branch inaction.
That's "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." It was tried with Arlen Specter's 2006 bill, again with the McCain-Kennedy bill in 2007, and yet again with the Gang of Eight bill in 2013.
All these efforts failed...
The lobbyists have to be appeased. And it would be really, really nice to have a big fat tranche of new Democrat voters in place before November 2024....
Given the huge consequences for our country—for our children and grandchildren—inherent in any kind of change to immigration law, you'd think that commentators from every point of the opinion compass would be all over this week's bill....
OK, the Bill, Executive Summary: Crush American workers, especially white-collar college-graduate types. If there are still any deluded souls out there who look on the Democrats as the Party of the Little Guy, here's one more wake-up call for them.
This bill amply demonstrates that the Democrats, as instantiated by the current administration and its congressional cohorts, are the party of the big corporations, their Main Stream Media shills, and the college rackets hungry for foreign students paying full tuition.
The little guy, if he's a U.S. citizen, can go pound sand. This is true for both blue- and white-collar workers....