Biden Regime Amnesty For Illegal Alien Children Opening Up Floodgates

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16 September 2021
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National News
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I have written frequently on the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty, the process by which the Biden Regime is bypassing the legal requirements placed on aliens in the immigration process. In this illegal amnesty the Biden Regime is ignoring legal requirements placed on aliens in the immigration process, making up new immigration categories to benefit aliens both inside and outside the United States, as well as refusing to enforce the immigration laws of the United States.

All three aspects of this Administrative Amnesty are in force in an unlawful program the Biden Regime has for aliens from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, inaccurately called the Central American Minors (CAM) program. This program is presented as an either refugee program or a humanitarian program for the minor children of mostly illegal aliens from those countries. However, despite the lies in the program’s title, this has nothing to do with minors, as it includes not only adult children of mostly illegal aliens, but also adult parents of those children, i.e. an alien in the United States with both a spouse and children outside the United States qualifies. This is essentially an amnesty, not for illegal aliens, but for likely illegal aliens. So aliens are getting amnesty before they even become illegal....

Ostensibly the program is to end the mass asylum surge at the border and end the smuggling of the children of mostly illegal aliens already in the United States....

However, that is a lie. The program is designed to reward illegal immigration and to replace the historic American nation with a non-White majority.

Initially, CAM created by the Obama Regime as part of their administrative amnesty for illegal alien and to encourage mass immigration....

But the real issue is that large numbers of illegal aliens are eligible to sponsor both adult and minor aliens under the CAM program....

Basically, the purpose of CAM is to allow large numbers of illegal alien to bring other aliens to the United States. It is unlawful, just as the courts have determined that other such programs created by the Executive Branch are illegal, such as the DACA program and the DAPA program....


US-Mexico Border Arrests Top 200,000 for Second Straight Month, Epoch Times, September 16, 2021.

The real question, however, is how many illegal aliens evaded capture at the border and are now living in America. The answer to that question is examined in the report:

How many illegal aliens reside in the United States?

New Bill Would Provide Pathway to Citizenship to 200,000 Children of Legal Non-Immigrant Workers, Epoch Times, September 16, 2021.