Biden Regime Reauthorize EB-5 Visas for Mostly Wealthy Chinese Nationals

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Citizenship for sale for only $800k
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6 March 2022
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National News
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President Joe Biden and members of Congress reauthorized a little-known program that peddles United States visas, and eventually naturalized American citizenship, to China’s wealthy real estate investors.

Lawmakers in the House and Senate passed a government funding bill late last week, later signed by Biden, that renews the EB-5 visa program where wealthy foreign nationals can claim to invest at least $800,000 in U.S. development projects and receive green cards for themselves and their family members with eventual pathways to citizenship.

Most significantly, the program is a boon to China’s elite who secure green cards to the U.S. for themselves and their families under the guise of investing in U.S. real estate. For years, China’s elite have taken the bulk of EB-5 visas.

When the program lapsed in June 2021, about 80,000 foreign nationals — most of whom are from China — had their green card processing halted....

In June 2020, Breitbart News detailed a case in St. Petersburg, Florida, where luxury condos starting at $1 million per unit are being built using EB-5 investment funding.


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