Biden's 2023 Border Plan: Two Migrants for Every American Birth

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Sounds Like The Great Replacement
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Neil Munro
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15 December 2022
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National News
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... Biden’s border agency expects 9,000 to 14,000 economic migrants per day after officials remove the Title 42 legal barrier in late December, says CNN.

The predicted inflow adds up to roughly 4.5 million migrants per year or more than one extra southern migrant for every American birth in the United States.

The southern flow of roughly 4.5 million will add to the annual inflow of roughly 2 million legal immigrants, visa workers, and tourists illegally taking jobs.

The combined inflow would deliver roughly seven million migrants in 2023, or two migrants for each of the 3.6 million Americans born in 2020...

Top Democrats prefer to welcome more migrants than help Americans build families and raise more children. “We have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to,” Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said on November 16....

Extraction Migration

Government officials try to grow the economy by raising exports, productivity, and the birth rate. But officials want rapid results, so they also try to expand the economy by extracting millions of migrants from poor countries to serve as extra workers, consumers, and renters.

This policy floods the labor market and so it shifts vast wealth from ordinary people to older investors, coastal billionaires, and Wall Street. It makes it difficult for ordinary Americans to advance in their careers, get married, raise families, buy homes, or gain wealth....


Two Immigrants in 2023 For Each Native Birth. Sounds Like The Great Replacement, by Allan Wall, VDare, 9 December 2022:

... Some people may not take the Great Replacement seriously because it just seems too preposterous. After all, they might ask, how could several million annual immigrants replace a population of hundreds of millions of Americans?

But in order to replace the American population, you don’t have to bring in hundreds of millions of immigrants. You just have to have a higher annual immigration rate than the native-born birthrate.

Breitbart predicts that in 2023 (if present trends continue) there will be two immigrants for every American baby born.

That’s the Great Replacement....


The Border Is Less Secure Than Ever, and the Implications Are Deadly, by James D. Agresti, Epoch Times, 9 December 2022:

... objective measures show that the border is less secure than ever, and the situation is putting many thousands of lives at risk....

‘Got Aways’

Federal law requires the Department of Homeland Security to report specific “metrics” to “measure the effectiveness” of border security. One of the most telling of these is “got aways,” or illegal border crossers who the U.S. Border Patrol detects but does not catch. In other words, these are people who evade border security by luck or shrewdness.

In addition to gotaways, there are countless numbers of undetected entries, or people who cross the border without Border Patrol’s knowledge.

The federal government typically reports border security data for each federal fiscal year, which begins and ends three months before the calendar year. The Biden administration has been hiding such data, but federal employees have leaked it to the press.

Contrary to Mayorkas—who was appointed by and serves at the behest of President Biden—gotaways have soared during Biden’s tenure, reaching a record high of 599,000 in 2022. This is 4.7 times the average of 127,000 gotaways per year from before the Biden administration to as far back as data extends...

The danger of gotaways is that they avoid all criminal background checks and safety screenings that visitors and migrants to the United States typically undergo. The full implications of this are impossible to determine because most serious violent crimes don’t result in arrests. However, the available facts show the consequences are substantial and lethal....