Biden's Lawless Border of Horrors: Rape Trees, Pregnant 12-year-olds, Drowned Babies, Organ Harvesting

Article author: 
Chanel Rion, OAN Chief White House Correspondent
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One America News
Article date: 
31 August 2022
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National News
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Republican women toured the southern border guided by Winning for Women and POLARIS National Security – exposed to shocking realities media and politicians lack the stomach to face.

24 hours after White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted migrants were NOT “walking across the border” a group of Republican women candidates from across the country and Republican Congresswoman Mayra Flores were given a border tour in McAllen, Texas directly contradicting the White House’s narrative....

Sector 9 is the busiest Human Trafficking corridor in the United States. An estimated 2,000-6,000 illegal aliens cross from Mexico into the US every week in this sector alone. At least 2% of these weekly numbers consist of violent and dangerous criminals....

The panel of local officials and Sexual Assault advocates and Human Trafficking taskforce representatives left the candidates and attendees, at times, speechless, with individual horror stories of women and children being exploited by cartels, held captive inside ‘stash houses,’ some as sex slaves, others trafficked, kidnapped, organ harvesting, ransom, cases of impregnated twelve and fourteen-year-olds...

Meanwhile, cartels brazenly raid shelters to fish for migrants with US relatives. If they are found to have relatives on the US side, migrants are instantly kidnapped and held for ransom in excess of $9,000....

he groups also called on DHS to open a criminal investigation into DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for forcing CBP agents to ignore current laws and allow 900,000 “gotaways” to remain in the US – some of whom possess criminal records or are repeat violent offenders....


Lying White House Claims People Aren’t Illegally ‘Walking’ Across Border, Footage Shows Opposite, Geller Report 31 August 2022.

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