Blame Congress, not the Border Patrol

Article author: 
Michael Reagan
Article publisher: 
The Sentinel
Article date: 
1 January 2019
Article category: 
National News
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The liberal media are up to their usual dirty immigration tricks.

This time, they’re exploiting the death of a second Guatemalan child who died while in the custody of the Border Patrol at the southwestern border.

As usual, the liberal media didn’t blame the parents for irresponsibly dragging their eight-year-old son across Mexico with the hope of illegally sneaking into America.

As usual, they didn’t blame Democrats in Congress for refusing to help President Trump secure the border properly in order to dissuade illegal immigrants from Central America from trekking to our border in the first place.

Of course you’ll never see the New York Times devote so much tearful front-page attention or significance to the deaths of Americans murdered or harmed by illegal immigrants....

According to Democrats and the liberal media, enforcing immigration laws as they were written by previous administrations is now un-American and immoral—mainly because it’s being done by President Trump.

Building a fence—or a wall or a barrier or whatever it’s called—to protect America’s border is now considered to be a crime against humanity, a joke, a waste of taxpayer money.

But if all that’s true, why do we have so many gated communities? Why is there an iron fence around the White House? Why do I have a gate in front of my house? ...