Boulder sheriff, immigration activists agree: Repeal SB 90

Article author: 
Jefferson Dodge
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Boulder Weekly
Article date: 
2 August 2012
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Colorado News
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A group of immigration activists who protested at the state Capitol this week and Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle have something in common.

They both want Colorado’s version of Arizona’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants overturned.

SB 90, passed by the state legislature in 2006, requires police officers to report suspected undocumented foreigners who are arrested on a criminal offense to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The law has elicited protest from the immigrants’ rights community ...  a delegation calling itself “Americans-in-Waiting” stopped at the state Capitol in Denver on July 31 to protest Colorado’s SB 90. It was the second stop on a national tour called “No Papers, No Fear Ride for Justice.”

Secure Communities had been used as a pilot program in a few Colorado counties since former Gov. Bill Ritter announced in 2011 that Colorado would become one of the 35 states using the program nationally.