Budget Deal Sinks 2018 Amnesty, Splits Democrats

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8 February 2018
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National News
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The two-year budget plan announced Wednesday by top Senate leaders has caused an apparent split between Sen. Minority Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi.
The plan sharply increases domestic spending by roughly $131 million over the next two years, but it effectively blocks the Democrats’ push to win a 2018 amnesty for so-called ‘dreamer’ illegals.
The agreement blocks that amnesty push because it leaves the Senate Democrats without any budget leverage to force House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan to schedule an amnesty debate on the House floor that would split the GOP caucus prior to the November election. 
The amnesty defeat will be downplayed by Democrats who believe they will gain support before November by mounting a large-scale P.R. campaign for a ‘dreamer’ amnesty. The likely result of the campaign will be continued demands and protests for an amnesty but no significant votes — unless President Donald Trump caves on his four-part amnesty-and-immigration plan....


Democrats Fold on Immigration, America Wins, by Chris Buskirk, American Greatness, February 7, 2018:

... Democrats folded. But why? Recall that just two weeks ago Democrats called a DACA-based amnesty nothing short of a moral imperative and “the civil rights issue of our day.” Rhetorical modesty is not considered a virtue on the Left. Neither, apparently, is constancy.

After the Schumer Shutdown turned into a public relations debacle Dick Durbin inveighed, Chuck Schumer threatened, and Nancy Pelosi…well, we couldn’t quite decipher what Nancy Pelosi said but we’re pretty sure it was meant to express Resistance™! They postured and preened for a few days but then Donald Trump offered them a DACA deal that gave them more than they asked for—nearly 2 million people legalized with a path to citizenship in exchange for some modest border security—and they walked away. Apparently, Democrats couldn’t take yes for an answer.
Trump called their bluff. Democrats never really wanted a DACA deal. Their histrionics were just crocodile tears. They really wanted two things: 1) an issue they could use to fill campaign coffers with money from coastal elites eager to signal their virtuous solidarity with immigration scofflaws they meet only in CNN’s hagiographies but never in person, and 2) a narrative of Republican villainy they could sell to credulous Resisters to keep them in a permanent state of hyperbolic outrage until election day....
The president deserves much of the credit. He led by example, providing Congress with the firmness of purpose and rigidity of spine that has been for so long lacking. ...