Bush hit from both sides on birthright citizenship [for illegal alien's children]

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GOP presidential hopeful is being criticized for use of the term "anchor baby."
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Bush said he believes in the constitutional right of children born to illegal aliens to automatically become U.S. citizens
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Denver Post
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26 August 2015
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Colorado News
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Immigrant groups are picketing his events.His recent remarks on "anchor babies" have outraged Latino and Asian groups. Democrats are attacking him in both English and Spanish ...

During Bush's visit to Colorado on Tuesday, members of Progress Now, a liberal advocacy organization, waved signs protesting Bush's recent use of the term "anchor baby."

"Jeb, stop slurring immigrants," one sign said ...

Bush told the Sheridan forum that he believes in the constitutional right of children born to immigrants here illegally to automatically become citizens ...

CAIRCO Comment: ProgressNow meant to say "Jeb, stop slurring illegal aliens." But it might not support their cause quite as well when it's stated the correct way.
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