Call of the Wild

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Islam doesn’t preach peaceful coexistence: it preaches conquest.
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Bruce Bawer
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American Greatness
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6 October 2021
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Our American Future
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In at least some parts of the United States, the Muslim call to prayer, known as the “adhan” or “azan” (Arabic for “announcement”), is a familiar sound....

In 2004, residents of Hamtramck, Michigan (which has been described as America’s only Muslim-majority city), voted to officially allow adhans that were already being broadcast from several mosques....

In Minneapolis, which is also heavily Muslim (Democrat Ilhan Omar is its representative in Congress), the Dar Ul Hijra Mosque started broadcasting the adhan in April of last year...

Why is the adhan a bigger issue for many Western Europeans than for Americans? My guess: since Muslims in Western Europe make up a far larger percentage of the population than their coreligionists in the United States and have exerted more pressure to adjust social and cultural norms to accommodate their own values, many native Europeans view the Muslim call to prayer as one more step on the road to total Islamization; because they’ve had more exposure to Islam than most Americans, they’re more likely to understand that the adhan isn’t just a couple of minutes of innocuous warbling but an aggressive assertion of power and a deliberate slap at other faiths that can only lead to, well, worse. 
The adhan states that “there is no God but Allah.” And it includes the words Allahu Akbar—“Allah is greater”—the same declaration of supremacy and subjugation made by suicide bombers....

It could reasonably, in fact, be asked: if you invite Muslims into your country, how can you not permit mosques? If you allow mosques, how can you forbid the adhan? Wasn’t the time to shout “no!” when the whole process of mass Muslim immigration started?...

...Islam doesn’t preach peaceful coexistence: it preaches conquest....


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