The Caravan Invasion Is Not Coming Because It’s Already Here

Article author: 
Judi McLeod
Article publisher: 
Canada Free Press
Article date: 
2 November 2018
Article category: 
National News
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Five days out from their scheduled Midterm Election Day arrival, and the mainstream and social media are still keeping unanswered questions about the travelling caravans carrying thousands of made-to-order migrants...

...  they’re carrying little flags honoring the very countries they claim they must escape, and rather than screeching like the Women’s March protesters did, they break into their national anthem whenever the media is about.
The Caravan Mission, like the Big Women’s March the first day after President Donald Trump’s Inauguration, was painstakingly organized...
The Caravan and its mythical foot soldiers is the direct opposite of what the media portrays it to be. It is not thousands of poor, endangered in their own country migrants fleeing to the U.S. for a better life for their children, it is a modern-day fairytale writ large by Fake News.
The Caravan March is a well-staged travelling Terrorist Attack bringing barbarians to the gate, its goal being to flood the border states of Arizona, California and Texas et al with uninvited guests, who, once inside, will form cells to help the progressive-left attack America from within....
The media, which long ago abandoned its role of keeping the public informed, can no longer be counted on to tell us anything worth knowing.
For starters: Where exactly is the bulk of the Caravan travellers right at this moment?...

Have its organizers already quietly arrived at the southern border via car, bus or air flight where they await the arrival of the rank and file for The Protest of the Century’ kick-off?

Have American authorities sent out Indian-like scouts, drones or satellites to check on how many port-o-potties have been placed along the trek path?

Bob Lonsberry, posting on WHAM Radio, was spot-on when he more graphically asked...

“And why do these people, supposedly fleeing intolerable conditions in their homeland, carry little flags from their homeland and break into its national anthem when the TV cameras show up?
“And speaking of which, for oppressed people, they all seem to be pretty well fed, well groomed and well dressed. Their hair is neat and newly cut, their clothes are clean and in good repair, and they are built like people who have had ample nutrition all their lives, being well developed and, many of them, overweight.
“And none of them look dirty or unkempt, like they had been sleeping on the ground for the last week.
“There’s just nothing in any of this that makes sense.
“Supposedly, these several thousand people spontaneously decided to leave Honduras, walking north in a group, hoping to trek the length of gang-plagued Mexico and present themselves as refugees and prospective Democrats at the American border.
“Which, again, makes no sense whatsoever.
“And leaves a lot of big questions unanswered, and ignored by the press. Such as, who organized this? Who is paying for it? How have they covered 500 miles in a week?
“Seriously. Any number of American “reporters” have walked beside a sympathetic walker and talked about how this particular woman and her children had trekked half a thousand miles over the last week or so....
That’s 71 miles a day.
“The best soldiers through history have been able to march 25 miles a day.
“How have 7,000 people been fed and watered? And how have they gone to the bathroom?
…”Provisioning such an army of people – the equivalent of 10 combat battalions in most of the world’s militaries – is a large task. Transporting and distributing the food and water necessary to keep those people moving is a massive chore which the press says nothing about.
“The entire enterprise, as a spontaneous ad hoc event, is implausible.
“As an orchestrated international attempt to influence an American election, it starts to make sense.
“And ought to alarm us....
We would all do well to know that “The Caravan is not coming because it is already here.  Its chief organizers most likely arrived on American soil weeks ago and are merely waiting for the rank and file to make way for utter anarchy.