Census: Immigrant Population to Explode 85 Percent by 2060

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Sustaining ecosystems will be hard-pressed to support immigration-driven population growth
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Katie McHugh
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6 March 2015
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Our American Future
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A new report from the Census bureau predicts that nearly one-fifth of America’s total population will be foreign-born in a mere 45 years.

Immigrants, legal and illegal, will enjoy 85 percent growth — from 42 million to 78 million — by 2060.

In contrast, the native-born population, which includes children born to illegal aliens, will increase by 22 percent or 62 million.

Non-Hispanic, native-born whites are the only racial and ethnic group expected to suffer a population decline. In 45 years’ time, their numbers will decline by 16 million, or eight percent, from 198 million to 182 million. They will make up only 44 percent of the nation’s population. The Census bureau points out that births of non-Hispanic, native-born white Americans will decrease by a predicted 23 percent. (Native American indians will suffer a similar decline in fertility of 20 percent.)

The Hispanic population, comprised of a variety of ethnicities from Central America to Mexico, will enjoy a population explosion of 55 million in 2014 to 119 million by 2060, and unless current immigration policies change, they will be 29 percent of the population present in the U.S. at that time.

Notably, these dramatic demographic changes occurred in less than a century’s time, after the passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965...

Despite the expected increase in what the Census bureau calls “diversity,” or government-imposed social variety, there’s little political talk of rescinding affirmative action policies in light of rapidly-changing demographics.

That means a declining population of non-Hispanic whites, along with an increasing population of Asians and Jews, will likely be passed over for jobs, promotions, government positions and the like to favor an ever-increasing population of native-born minorities and foreigners, who are already beneficiaries of our generous immigration policies...

In fact, our government demands Americans celebrate this outcome. As President Barack Obama told foreign beneficiaries of his executive amnesty order, expect to see a President Rodriguez or a President Chen permit ever-increasing numbers of foreigners to arrive in America not to assimilate, but to fundamentally transform the country.



These dire projections first appeared in the article New Projections Point to a Majority Minority Nation in 2044, Brookings Institution, December 12, 2014. 

Yet the fundamental fertility assumptions used in the projections of that article have been debunked. Thus, the conclusion is invalid. See More Census Bureau Propaganda, by Terrence Hill, Occidental Observer, December 26, 2014.

As Hill lucidly points out, the driving factor in demographic change is mass immigration, not fertility (children per woman). Mass immigration - both legal and illegal - are decidedly within our nation's scope, power, and responsibility to control. 

American women voluntarily achieved replacement level fertility (2.1 children per woman) in 1972. America's population would have increased until 2020 due to population momentum, then it would have gradually declined to a sustainable level.


US Population Growth - Washington's Blueprint


Sadly, Americans - and their children - are being punished by the growth-mongering agenda of the Chamber of Commerce and the identity politics of the Democratic Party. GOP elites will get all the free, foreign labor they want and Democrats will get an unending stream of new Democratic voters. As a consequence, mass immigration is driving America's population to double within the lifetime of children born today.

The deleterious environmental consequences of immigration-driven population growth will be significant.


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