Census Projections Show Gains For Republicans In Electoral College In 2020

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One more reason for Democrats to oppose the Electoral College.
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Gateway Pundit
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7 January 2020
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National News
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The left is not going to like this news.
In fact, it will just give them one more reason to oppose the Electoral College.
Projections for the census indicate that Republicans are going to make gains in 2020.
The Blaze reports:
Terrible news for Democrats in 2020: Census projections showing Electoral College gains for GOP
Census projections have bad news for Democrats.
Population estimates show reliably Democratic states, like New York, California, and Illinois will each lose at least one congressional district and representation in the Electoral College. Conversely, states that tend to vote for Republicans—such as Texas, Florida, and Montana—are expected to increase their presence....

Ellis also noted that Democrats’ anticipated losses is why they mobilized so strongly to oppose the Trump administration’s addition of a citizenship question on the Census....

Speaking of the Electoral College, the conservative outlet known as Prager University recently put out a video explaining why it is so important for America....


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