Cities Across U.S. See Surge of Violent Crimes Committed By Illegal Aliens

Article author: 
Debra Heine
Article publisher: 
American Greatness
Article date: 
1 March 2024
Article category: 
National News
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A rash of horrific crimes committed by illegal immigrants [illegal alien invaders] across the country in the past few weeks has many Americans on edge. While most illegal aliens come to the United States seeking a better life, the massive increase in illegal immigration under the Biden Regime has brought with it an increase in crime that is hard to deny...

Now that an estimated ten million illegals have crossed Biden’s wide open border since 2021, Trump’s warning has come into full focus...

In just the past week, recent arrivals from Central America and South America have been arrested for rape, murder, theft, and burglaries throughout the U.S., including  Florida, Maryland, Michigan, Washington, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York and Georgia...

Earlier this month, a majority of House Democrats opposed legislation aimed at denying admission or deporting foreign nationals who had admitted to or been convicted of specific crimes, including Social Security fraud.

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has been using his platform X to raise awareness of the dangers of Joe Biden’s wide-open borders.

“Anyone, even a literal serial killer, can toss away the ID they used to get into Mexico from anywhere in the world, then claim asylum, say they have no documents and be ushered into America,” he wrote on February 27, in response to a New York Post story about the heartbreaking murder of Laken Riley. “This is happening every day.”


Joe Biden Should Be Charged With Treason For Refusing To Secure America’s Borders, by Chuck Baldwin, Lew Rockwell, 1 March 2024.