CO sheriff’s policies on reporting to ICE are all over the map - inteactive map

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Colorado Independent
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14 February 2017
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Colorado News
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Without a statewide policy, sheriff’s departments decide whether — and when — to inform ICE about immigrants in their custody

For years, any time Immigration and Customs Enforcement asked, sheriffs across Colorado held suspected undocumented immigrants [illegal aliens] for up to two business days beyond their release dates so that the feds could pick them up...

That changed in 2014 when a federal district judge ruled that by holding a woman past her release date, a county jail in Oregon had violated her Fourth Amendment rights. With that, the practice of honoring ICE “detainer requests” largely ended in Colorado. These days, nearly all of the state’s 64 county sheriffs refuse to hold anyone beyond their release dates unless presented with a warrant by immigration agents...

In 2014, the American Civil Liberties Union reported that all counties in Colorado had confirmed that they would no longer comply with ICE detainer requests unless signed by a federal judge. And a report released in January this year by the conservative group Federation for American Immigration Reform reported that 30 Colorado counties have specific policies against holding people for immigration agents without a warrant...

Click over the county to see what its practices are. Note: A few counties have yet to respond. We will continue to update this infographic as we hear back from county sheriff’s departments...