Colonization By Indian Leftists—The Downside Of "Merit-Based Immigration"

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Jessee Mossman
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17 April 2018
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National News
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“Merit-based immigration” is seen as the gold standard of immigration reform by many Republicans and conservative policy wonks. But it could lead to their political ruin.
We already have a clear window into what a merit-based policy could bring to the political landscape: look at the Indian colonization of Seattle’s Eastside—the area across Lake Washington from Seattle which stretches from Sammamish in the south to Bothell in the north. It has been transformed, in roughly 25 years, from a region that leaned Republican into a cesspool of socialism.
It all started with the rise of Bill Gates’ Microsoft in Redmond, followed by likeminded corporate titans who gorged themselves on the delights of Indian staffing agencies that exploit the H1-B visa program. Once a foreign worker’s H1B status expires in six years, them it’s time for an employment-based green card. These green cards have for years been handed out like popcorn with curry on top to almost any Indian techie who agrees to work for, on average, one-third lower pay than American tech workers. [Wages Falling But Congress Wants MORE Guest Workers, by Leo Hohmann,, March 16, 2016]

... as a local, I wonder if the quoted numbers are too low. Indians occupy hundreds of apartment complexes and you can drive for miles through new developments of single-family homes where you see Indian women walking on the sidewalks wearing traditional Indian dress. I hear of classrooms in which virtually every student is Indian....

There are an estimated 13,500 illegal Indians in Washington State. And, according to an Indian advocacy group, there are 300,000 Indians waiting to obtain employment-based green cards in the US and 30,000 in Washington State. ...

Unfortunately, the election of aggressive, Leftist, pro-immigration, anti-enforcement Indian politicians is not confined to Washington State. All over the country there are Indian and Asian enclaves created by the tech industry’s desire for a cheap imported workforce. And all over the country there are an increasing number of Indians seeking political power. ...

 In an interesting analysis, Jayant Bhandari writes that “India is an extremely irrational, superstitious, and tribal country…India was long associated with Britain and has imported western institutions, ways of living, technology, etc., over the last 200-300 years, but has failed to import the concept of reason.”...

They are here to make money. They don’t want to assimilate and become real Americans.
The only chance of saving the freedom created by our Founding Fathers: a moratorium on all immigration.

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Ever had to train your H-1B replacement? I have. - Fred Elbel, director.