Color revolution? US funneling millions into Hungary’s left-wing opposition media

Article author: 
John Cody
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ReMix News
Article date: 
4 March 2023
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National News
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There is a proliferation of U.S.-funded, supposedly free journalism organizations and training courses linked to various left-wing opposition newspapers in Hungary, according to the Hungarian civil rights group, Tűzfalcsoprt (Firewall Group)...

According to a report from Magyar Nemzet, the Hungarian public has been shocked by the level of U.S. support, which shows signs of “open interference.” The news outlet notes that the U.S. is arguably the world’s leading power, and with its ample resources is currently engaged in a massive cultural, economic and political influence operation in Hungary. This operation involves donating millions to various opposition efforts, which now includes hundreds of thousands of dollars to a left-liberal newspaper, Telex, which the paper notes is completely at odds with Hungarian national values and interests....

However, given the hostility of the Biden administration towards Hungary, it is perhaps unsurprising these left-wing campaigns and media outlets are financed by the U.S. As Remix News previously reported, millions of dollars were funneled into Hungary to influence the April election last year, which Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party won by a landslide....

Some have taken to labeling U.S. efforts in Hungary as a new attempt at a “color revolution,” which is how Gavin Wax, the president of the New York Young Republicans Club, described the situation while speaking with Hungarian media outlet Magyar Nemzet this week....


America's very own Color Revolution