Coloradan Explains How She Helped Ban CRT In Her Local Schools

Article author: 
Gabe Kaminsky
Article publisher: 
The Federalist
Article date: 
28 August 2021
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Colorado News
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Derrick Wilburn, the executive director of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, made national headlines this month for an impassioned school board meeting address prior to the district outlawing critical race theory (CRT). Behind the effort is Ivy Liu, the board director.

Liu, who served in the U.S. Navy and has volunteered in churches for 30 years, was elected to the Falcon School District 49 board in April. She prepared the anti-CRT resolution with board secretary Rick Van Wieren. As an Asian-American and mother of five, she felt obligated to outlaw what she saw as blatant discrimination of people based on the color of their skin.

“D49 will not use principles of Critical Race Theory (as described below) as a curriculum for classroom instruction,” the resolution states. “With this statement, D49 reiterates that: Neither schools, nor instructors, shall assign individuals or groups of students to participate in class or complete assignments based on their racial identity. Schools shall not engage in racial bias or stereotyping.”...

I spoke with Liu to understand the resolution’s backstory, which comes amid controversy across the United States regarding academic freedom and what role the government should have in education.
Equally as vital, how will the new policy be enforced in a district of more than 22,000 students? Here is what she said in our interview on these and other related topics....