Coloradans Must Not Let Democrats Decide Our Republican Primary

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A whole new way for the Democrat party to subvert honest elections
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Heidi Ganahl
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28 June 2022
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Colorado News
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Many Coloradans may not realize this, but this Tuesday will be a seismic turning point for our beautiful state. Primary voters will either head us down a path towards prosperity, or down a road to relentless government overreach in the state known for being the new frontier.  

In just three and a half years, Jared Polis and his party have taken us from number 11 to 29 in business-friendly states, driven us to No. 1 in bank robberies, auto theft, and property crime, and created a crisis for our kids with one of the top suicide rates and drug addiction rates for children in the US. Our energy industry is decimated thanks to terrible policy decisions made by our governor at a time when energy independence could not be more critical for our country.

All this while Jared Polis pops up on national media spots pretending like all is fine in Colorado, nothing to see here, as he preps his bid to replace President Joe Biden..

Polis is so afraid of his real record that the political non-profit he started has dropped $3 million into Colorado’s Republican primary, in an attempt to pick his opponent in his upcoming re-election bid this fall.

I am the opponent he’s afraid to face....

My primary opponent cannot win the general election...  Governor Polis knows he can beat him handily, so he and his party are spending millions now in our primary to avoid spending much more in the general election....

The Colorado way of life is on the ballot Tuesday night. 


7th Congressional District candidate latest target of mysterious meddling in Colorado GOP primaries, Complete Colorado, 24 June 2022.

Dem Candidate For U.S. Senate in S.C. Calls for ‘Secret Sleepers’ to run as Republicans, and For Straw Donations in Leaked Call, American Greatness, 27 June 2022:

A Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in South Carolina can be heard calling for “sleeper” Republican candidates and “dope boy money” campaign contributions in a leaked telephone call with a prison inmate.

The audio, obtained by Project Veritas, features Krystle Matthews, who currently serves as a state representative, discussing illegal and unethical political strategies with inmate David Solomon Ballard on a recorded prison line at Perry Correctional Institution....

According to U.S. federal election law, straw donations (political contributions made to candidates under another name) are illegal under 52 U.S.C. § 30122.

Update: Heidi Ganahl tops Greg Lopez to win GOP nomination for Colorado governor, Axios, 29 June 2022.