Colorado: America’s Leftist Laboratory

Article author: 
Ghenghis Gary
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
5 July 2021
Article category: 
Colorado News
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In just a few brief years, Colorado has been transformed from a symbol of independence and self-determination into the liberal Left’s laboratory for social experimentation. Its citizens have become caged lab rats made to endure unrelenting torturous socialist/Marxist research procedures that are subsequently exported to and replicated by fellow travelers in other liberal states. Put simply, Colorado is the nation’s leftist-lab for social engineering....

Colorado is now the laboratory of Democrats - not Democracy; testing, then spreading their leftist experiments to kindred liberal states....

Here’s a quick snapshot of the current Colorado Liberal Laboratory leadership: U.S. Senators are both democrats; U.S. House congressional delegation is four Democrats to three Republicans; both houses of the Colorado State Legislature enjoy large Democrat majorities; Colorado’s governor, our nation’s first openly gay state chief executive, is a multi-millionaire Dem; and Colorado voters are 61% unaffiliated, 22% Democrat and 17% Republican. Colorado has seen massive immigration of left-leaning voters from failing blue states who mule their prepubescent, authoritarian, ideological baggage into our state....

It started in 2004 with a group of four ultra-liberal multi-millionaires -- three men and the heiress to the Stryker medical device fortune – who became known as “the gang of four” or, euphemistically, “the four horsemen,” an obvious reference to the Apocalypse. Point of interest: One of these four is now Colorado’s governor, Jerod Polis.
These politically astute architects put their heads and checkbooks together to concoct a plan that would become known as The Blueprint....
The Gang of Four personally founded and funded dozens of 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) and 527 organizations that collaborated to speak with a single voice that the media presented as the majority opinion on all political issues. These organizations effectively coalesced to take down local and state Republican candidates, officeholders, and appointees, replacing them with “progressive” policymakers and their minions.
The Four Horsemen elevated social engineering and community organizing to a level that would have made Saul Alinsky orgasmic. And now what the Left did to damage the freedom-loving people of Colorado is being replicated to wreck states across the nation....