Colorado Democrats Push Multiple Gun Control Bills

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Bearing Arms
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26 March 2024
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Colorado News
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... the Democrat-controlled House could still consider a bill banning so-called assault weapons in the coming days, while more anti-gun bills are scheduled for hearings and votes in committees. 

The gun ban bill has already cleared the House Judiciary Committee on a party-line vote (albeit with some minor changes), and it's expected that several other gun control measures will be heading to the House floor later this week. 

On Wednesday, the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee will consider two bills concerning firearm sales in the state. HB24-1353 would require firearms dealers to obtain a state license to do business overlapping with federal licensing. SB24-066, which already passed the Senate, would require companies that process payments to create specific category codes for firearms and ammunition sales.

The House on Monday held a formal vote on HB24-1348, which would set requirements for safe gun storage in vehicles. It passed 41-22 and now goes to the Senate for consideration.

A proposal to ban the purchase and transfer of so-called assault weapons, HB24-1292, was also scheduled for debate, but it was pushed as the chamber juggles its calendar. That bill may come up later this week.



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