Colorado Dems Choose Open Marxist State House Seat - Calls for Cultural Revolution

Article publisher: 
Front Page Magazine
Article date: 
30 August 2023
Article category: 
Colorado News
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Just in case you have any lingering doubt about what the Democrats plan to inflict upon America, consider the case of Tim Hernández, whom Colorado party apparatchiks have just selected to fill a vacant state House seat in the Denver area. The charming Hernández is an open and proud Marxist, frequently rails against “Whiteness,” and has called for a “FORCEFUL Cultural Revolution.” He is also, of course, a schoolteacher, busy raising up new cadres of Bolsheviks to bring about the revolution he desires. Every Marxist revolution in history has been accompanied by appalling bloodlust; if Hernández ever gets what he wants, Coloradans can’t say they didn’t see it coming...

Hernández made where he stood abundantly clear when he ranted at a protest about how to bring about the Marxist revolution that apparently everyone present wanted: “We like to compete who knows Marx better, who knows these things better, who’s a Leninist. Listen, all right, I’ll give you a real take on this s—t. Kids don’t care.” He meant that talking Marxism was less important that acting to bring the revolution about:..

Hernández has also taken to social media to call for a “FORCEFUL cultural revolution wherein we assert the dignity of life for all at the expense of White supremacy.” ...



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