Colorado driver's manual translated as those here illegally [illegal aliens] are licensed

Article author: 
Jesse Paul
Article publisher: 
The Denver Post
Article date: 
18 August 2014
Article category: 
Colorado News
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Colorado's driver's handbook has been translated into Spanish, roughly two weeks after the state began issuing licenses to those in the country illegally [illegal aliens] ...

The Department of Motor Vehicles said they heard rumors that unofficially translated handbooks were being sold on the black market, warning [illegal alien] applicants that those could contain false information or translations.

The translated manual is now available, for free, on the department's website, the department announced Friday ...

Representatives of the [illegal alien] immigrant community are angered that only five of the 56 licensing centers are holding appointments for the new licenses. Under the current system, the department has 155 appointment slots available each day ...



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