Colorado Sec. of State Limits Election Audits, While Raging Against 'Voter Suppression Laws' Elsewhere

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26 June 2021
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Colorado News
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On June 17, Colorado's Secretary of State Jena Griswold, who is the Chair of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State (DASS), announced in a press release and over Twitter that she was limiting audits in her state of Colorado, while attacking Arizona in the process.
My office just issued rules prohibiting sham election audits in the State of Colorado. We will not risk the state’s election security nor perpetuate The Big Lie. Fraudits have no place in Colorado.
    — Jena Griswold (@JenaGriswold) June 17, 2021...
Many on Twitter reacted with suspicion, including and especially if they hadn't been suspicious before. 
Did you really just tell everyone that you refuse to audit your election process? Wow that sounds super trustworthy!
— MOONDAYHYPE (@moondayhype) June 18, 2021
I think that you are forgetting who you work for. If WE THE PEOPLE want an audit, we will get an audit. The only reason to not welcome one is because you cheated and don’t want to get caught. If you did nothing wrong, there should be nothing to hide.
— ???O? ???? (@MolonLabeKing) June 18, 2021...
I'm curious as to how your office can circumvent your state legislature in regards to a Presidential election? Did they approve of your changes?
— Jim Hamilton (@Chaosity8) June 18, 2021...