Colorado voters will be able to fix their ballot problems via text, Secretary of State says

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TXT2cure is expected to be available statewide soon
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This article is one of three re voter registrations and Colorado
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Conrad Swanson
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Denver Post
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30 September 2020
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Colorado News
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Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold said her office is testing a way for voters to fix problematic ballots by phone in the November election.

The state’s mail-in election process relies on a signature verification system to ensure ballots were cast by the registered voters to whom they were mailed. Ballots are flagged when a signature is missing or doesn’t match.

A new program expected to launch statewide, TXT2cure, will make it easier for voters — especially younger ones — to cure, or fix, the problem, Griswold told The Denver Post. Voters will be notified of discrepancies by mail, as usual. But now they’ll have a route other than the U.S. Postal Service to fix the problem.

“You literally just text ‘Colorado2Vote,’ enter your voter ID and follow the instructions,” Griswold said. “You don’t need a stamp. You don’t need to go to a mailbox. You do it right on your phone.” ...

The Delta County Clerk’s Office tried the program in this year’s June 30 primary, and about half of the 20-30 ballots rejected for signature discrepancies were cured with TXT2cure, said Rene Loy-Maas, chief deputy clerk...


This program is hugely susceptible to fraud. 

Here are two more interesting State of Colorado stories on voter registrations. One article was on September 28, 2020 and then second article the following day, September 29, 2020. They cover parolees can now vote as of 2019, and State SOS  postcards have been sent to dead people as well as non-citizens on how to register to vote, per a CBS 4 investigation - an article that is now pulled.

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