Colorado's Absurd Proposal to Issue 'Purple Cards'

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Center for Immigration Studies
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20 February 2018
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Colorado News
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There's no shortage of half-baked immigration "reform" plans that have been floated or formally proposed at the state and federal level over the years. Keeping track of all of them is a full-time job, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and assert that a recent "Purple Card" bill that would grant permanent legal status to some illegal [alien] immigrants in Colorado could be the dumbest and most reckless immigration-related proposal that I've ever seen.

The bill, sponsored by State Rep. Dan Pabon, a Democrat, would allow anyone who has paid state taxes for at least two years and hasn't had a felony in three years to be eligible for a "purple card", which would in this weird Confederacy 2.0-esque plan, give them permanent legal status. (Child molesters who arrived three years ago and were convicted four years ago would be fine?)

... The bill, if it is ever passed, would create a Gold Rush-type movement of people, mostly poor and unskilled, from developing countries the likes of which no U.S. state has ever seen. And Pabon's justification for his preposterous proposal was even more laughable than the plan itself. He told Denver's CBS affiliate that it would somehow help taxpayers....

I'm a former Foreign Service officer who understands how information and, more importantly disinformation, travels in developing countries with large numbers of aspiring migrants. If Colorado creates this purple card, few aspiring immigrants will hear about the residency requirements, or they might hear about them but will be desperate enough to try to get there and try their luck anyway. The message that will be heard is "Colorado is giving out something kind of like green cards!"

Migrants will arrive in Colorado, see if they can get the purple card, and, even if they can't, they'll stick around. Most will be poorly educated and will impose a burden on taxpayers, schools, and other public services. And, of course, some will move to other states in the Union, places where voters still expect the federal government, and not one or more states, to enact and enforce immigration laws....

... when it comes to migration the old axiom "all politics is local" does not apply.

... But misguided state and local officials like him across the country, from city councilpersons to governors, all essentially acting like modern-day Jefferson Davises, are stepping forward with plans pandering to people who have no legal right to be here.

California wants to prosecute employers who follow federal immigration law. Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and various other cities issue forms of ID to illegal immigrants, helping them access city services and put down roots here. California, Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, Oregon, and Vermont are sanctuary states, as are dozens of counties and municipalities across the country. Cities like San Antonio and Sacramento devote funds and city legal services to help illegal immigrants fight deportations. In College Park, Md., a measure that would have allowed illegal aliens to vote in local elections was proposed, but failed in a close vote by the city council. Portland, Ore., and perhaps other cities, are considering trying the same thing. In case you haven't noticed, living here illegally is becoming almost fashionable in some parts of the country.

Those who want looser immigration restrictions need to use the democratic process to elect representatives at the federal level who will carry out their wishes...

I think everyone else needs a reality check, and local officials who want to take on immigration reform need to run for higher office, or, better yet, just drop it.