Conservatives are re-unifying as America’s dominant political ideology

Article author: 
Lloyd G. Pearcy
Article publisher: 
Canada Free Press
Article date: 
14 February 2019
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Our American Future
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The following article discusses a Gallup poll that reveals some interesting information - namely, that the Conservativism paradigm in America is consistently strong. 70% of the electorate is conservative (35%) to moderate (35%). Excerpts from the article follow:

Trump will be the most transformative president in history, by Lloyd G. Pearcy, Canada Free Press, February 19, 2019:

Trump is the centerpiece of a three-pronged sea change that is re-configuring U.S. and world governance....

Donald James Trump is the only person in U.S. history to go from private citizen to president with no prior government service. He is one of six men who became President without holding prior elective office....

Trump’s victory revealed a seismic shift among voters who are less concerned with political partisanship than with eradicating a rogue federal government that has become alien to freedom itself. This shift is the outworking of three converging phenomena:

  • Conservatives are re-unifying to form the dominant ideological alliance within the electorate;
  • Globally, a grass roots populism that supersedes political doctrine is emerging;
  • Both major political parties are suiciding!

I. Conservatives are re-unifying as America’s dominant political ideology

Conservatism has always been the dominant political ideology of America. But its adherents have been scattered among a plethora of political parties. Under President Trump, Conservatives and their moderate soul-mates are re-assembling under one banner for the first time in almost a century!

Since 1992 the Gallup organization has conducted annual polling to measure the political moorings of Americans voters...


underlying ideology 1992 2017
Conservatives 36% 35%
Moderates 43% 35%
Liberals 17% 26%


The apparent gain for liberalism is illusory. As Gallup explains:

“For many years, liberals were a small minority in the U.S., but their numbers have gradually increased to within single digits of conservatives. However, rather than being a broad societal trend, this mainly reflects a shift among Democrats, who are now on the cusp of being a majority-liberal party.”....

Undergirding this new coalition is old-fashioned American patriotism, not party loyalty or political ideology. Trump’s agenda is simple: “Make America Great Again!” He has re-invigorated a citizenry weary of “America last” appeasements by both Democrat and Republican administrations. While the president has endured a sometimes-ugly learning curve, his lack of political experience has enabled him to expose government corruption with enhanced clarity possible only to an outsider....

II. A transcendent global populism is emerging

... British research by The Guardian newspaper and thirty political scientists demonstrates:

  • Populism has been on the rise since 1998 in 31 countries across Europe;
  • In recent European elections populist parties have garnered 25% of all votes;

Representing a three-fold increase in populist voting power over the last two decades.

  • The United Kingdom Independence Party and its leader, Nigel Farage, leveraged this populist wave to engineer BREXIT;
  • Canada may soon join the global populist explosion. “In the aftermath of the 2016 election and the rapid spread of populism around the globe, one country seemed immune: Canada . . . But Canada is ripe for a populist revolt, and [Prime Minister] Trudeau may end up being its perfect catalyst. ***When Trudeau was elected, there were Liberal premiers in virtually every Canadian province. But by the upcoming 2019 federal election, it is likely that only Nova Scotia and Newfoundland will still be red.”...