COVID-1984: Austrian Parliament Votes To Mandate Vaccination for All Adults

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21 January 2022
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National News
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In a vote of 137 to just 33, the Austrian parliament has overwhelmingly voted to make vaccination against the Wuhan coronavirus mandatory for all residents over the age of 18.

The Austrian parliament voted to approve the new mandatory vaccination policity on Thursday night, which will include all adults over the age of 18 who have their primary or secondary residency in the country.

Austrians who have taken one or two doses most of the Wuhan coronavirus vaccines, except for the Chinese Sinovac or the Russian Spunik V vaccines, will be considered fully vaccinated but those who refuse to take the vaccine could face a fine of up to €3,600 (£2,994/$4,072), newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports....

From mid-March Austrian police will also be checking vaccination status during routine checks and traffic stops and giving out fines to those who can not prove they are fully vaccinated against the wuhan coronavirus...


"Hitler liked this post."

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